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Bianco Latte was founded by Andrea Zanin, a Master Pastry Chef from Venice.


With over 30 years of experience, Andrea has firmly cemented his place international pastry, after his affiliation with Maestri Pasticcieri Italiani and Relais Dessert.


At the age of 40, Andrea was named Best Italian Pastry Chef.


As the sole Ambassador of APEI in the United States, today he represents the epitome of excellence among Italian Pastry Chefs in his new home.


Additionally, Andrea was recognised by the Italian Minister of Agriculture

as a spokesperson for Italian Tradition at the gala held in New York City

to celebrate the candidacy of Italian cuisine as a UNESCO heritage.

His masterpiece, the Real Tiramisù, was chosen as dessert of the night.


Andrea’s remarkable journey reflects his passion and his commitment to upholding the legacy of Italian culinary traditions worldwide.

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