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We make the best Venetian pastries with real, whole ingredients.

All recipes are signed

by our founder,

Maestro Andrea Zanin,

named best Italian Pastry Chef and the only Ambassador of the Italian Pastry Excellence in USA.

Our flagship store is

located in 109 Bedford Ave,

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our newest store

is at Hudson Yards Mall,

look for Ana Bar&Eatery!

Want our goodies for you parties? Head to our contact page and we'll get in touch!

Buongiorno New York!

The art of baking has always been a deep passion of mine from my early childhood.
I fell in love with baking growing up in my father's bakery, founded in the 1950s.
Living in a beautiful city like Venice made me realise I wanted to express its flavors,
culture & values through my work.
My goal with Bianco Latte is to authentically present the charm found in Venetian cuisine
to the United States. 

Andrea Zanin

Pastry Chef & Founder

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